10 things you need to know about the Indian mobile market

The massive and fast growing mobile market in India has attracted many major companies, investors and entrepreneurs, but the promised riches do not come without huge risk. India has over 900M mobile subscribers and still growing, second only to China. However, there are significant challenges that need to be taken into consideration when entering the market. Here Paul Palmer, VP of Global Sales at Bubbly, formerly Bubble Motion, breaks down 10 key points you need to know before jumping in at the deep end. 1) While there are 900M+ subs, mobile operators are highly fragmented There are six … [Read more...]

mPayments in LatAm: regulating the virtual gold rush

Rafael Pellon, General Manager of MEF LatAm and partner of FAS Attorneys at Law, discusses the role of regulation in m-commerce in the Latin American Market Given the many new payment methods coming out every week in the industry press, usually employing a different technology ranging from the simple (and effective) SMS to the increasingly sophisticated apps in smartphones, it would appear that the mPayment trend is here to stay. Pity the end user of mobile services, the average consumer, who is becoming increasingly lost among the many acronyms that frequently accompany every new service … [Read more...]