How Telenor and Facebook partnered to drive internet adoption in Pakistan

Mobile operator and MEF Member, Telenor, has released the results of a free Facebook campaign in Pakistan, aimed at bringing first-time Internet users online. Facebook was provided with a zero-rated data plan to all Telenor subscribers. The result was a spike in internet uptake, with a significant chunk of new users going on to use paid data services on the network. Below, MEFTV speaks to VP Head of Global Partnerships, Karianne Melleby at MWC about the study and the opportunities and challenges of this and other global exciting markets. Expansion of Internet usage in Pakistan 2014 … [Read more...]

Disruption and Innovation in mobile – an expert panel’s view

Steven Ambrose, CEO of Strategy Worx Consulting, reflects on how new mobile technologies have disrupted business models, market economies and even human society. A useful starting point for MEF’s latest webinar - on disruption and innovation in the mobile market – was to look at it from the perspective of challengers versus incumbents. Most of us work either for one of the 800lb gorillas - large mobile networks or handset manufacturers, for example – or, conversely, a young start-up that’s looking to challenge the dominance of these major players. From there, a number of questions emerge. … [Read more...]