Global Strategies for Mobile VAS Compliance – MEF in Jakarta

Last month MEF co-hosted a one day programme in Jakarta to address the key issues facing the VAS industry in the region. Co-hosted with Indosat, Global Strategies for Mobile VAS Compliance saw more than 120 people in attendance, including 19 affected MEF members spanning the region, consisting of content providers, record labels, Indonesian industry associations and network operators among others.
While it was clear the industry is suffering badly and businesses have been destroyed due to the actions of a few rogue companies, the mood of the one day programme was positive. MEF’s objective is to provide support to it’s members and the industry as a whole and assist the regulator to develop best practise for the industry. MEF’s global expertise in the area of regulation and its position as the global trade body for the mobile content and commerce industry, representing the entire value chain, enables it to effectively support collaboration and discussion between BRTI and the industry to actively address and resolve the problems and create a viable framework for the delivery of compliant services and industry best practice.

For more information on the background and causes of the situation in Jakarta, click here. To read more about the one day event, hit the link below.

Co-hosts Indosat provided an essential forum to discuss this crisis in a closed door setting, debate and share knowledge and ideas, seek solutions as well as network with key industry representatives.
The one day programme included an opening presentation from Sumantri Joko Yuwono, Group Head Product Development & Management, Indosat who provided an overview of the problems facing the industry and a case study on the Philippine market that has also struggled with similar issues.
MEF Member Comviva provided an informative session on ‘Where do we go from here and what is happening elsewhere?’ with statistics from key markets including India and the Middle East.
Conference Chair Colin Miles, MEF Asia Board Chairman suggested a framework for self regulation, and gave an overview of MEF regulatory work in the Brazilian VAS market where a Unified Code of Practice to establish industry-recognised procedures for mobile content services and advertising has been endorsed by all four Brazilian network operators. You can download a copy of the code here.
MEF Deputy Executive Director Vildan Hasanbegovic, presented MEF’s global perspective to the attendees, providing an in-depth look at global compliance with the view to educate local CP’s on how to look after their customers and build compliance systems into their organizations.

MEF will continue to develop its relationship and collaboration with the BRTI, Indosat and all affected members and non members doing business in Indonesia with a view to establish an industry working group to review and clarify rules of best practice for the Industry. The working group will focus on producing a definitive Framework of Standards for the region, and work towards achieving the goal of rebuilding consumer trust in the VAS industry, and ensure its ongoing future health.
MEF is calling for all companies affected to join the industry working group and participate in shaping the future of the Indonesian VAS market.
You can contact MEF Asia General Manager Linda Ruck directly to get involved.

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