Apple’s focus on security could be the holy grail of NFC

MEF members and industry experts have all weighed in on the potential of Apple's new payment system, unveiled last month in San Francisco, and most agree that the platform with some of the biggest names in finance behind it, could be a game changer. Here, MEF Chairman Andrew Bud expands on his initial reaction, and explains what makes Apple Pay different and how the company is meeting issues around privacy and security that have curtailed NFC uptake so far. The announcement at Apple’s big event that it is launching an iPhone that is NFC enabled and Apple Pay as its go-to-market payment … [Read more...]

Can the Apple Watch wind up the wearables market?

The Apple Watch  marks the first new product from Apple under CEO Tim Cook and as Apple's track record for re-energising established markets shows, could be the product to make wearable technology commonplace. Below, MEF Chairman Andrew Bud discusses the implications it may pose for the industry, and the hurdles Apple will need to overcome to succeed. Apple’s eagerly anticipated entry in to the wearable technology market has come in the form of its Apple Watch which combines various classic mobile functions like music and messaging with health and fitness monitoring.  It tracks the … [Read more...]