The Continued Rise of Digital Publishing [Infographic]

The onward march of mobile and tablet as an engagement channel means that publishers are radically rethinking their strategies to grow customer bases and advertising opportunities. Consider this; globally there are 502,000 tablets sold every day and 370,000 births, and there are various predictions around the exponential growth of tablet sales throughout 2014.  Here's an interesting look at some of the numbers from publishing brands from independent mobile marketing agency,  Yodel Mobile . Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

The changing role of mobile devices in the classroom

Tom Hall is VP of Education Technology Partnerships at learning and education specialists Pearson. As a recently joined MEF member Tom explores the rise of mobile technology as an essential tool for global learning programmes and education It seems that every time I’m on a plane or train these days, I see a child - who is barely old enough to walk or talk - happily playing on their parent’s smart phone or tablet. That’s because these interfaces are intuitive for kids; they touch, push and pull on the screen, similarly to how they discover any new object at that young age. In fact, almost half … [Read more...]

[infographic] More than a quarter of the top 100 free mobile apps don’t have a privacy policy

That's according to the latest MEF research on the relative success of mobile privacy policies which examines when and how a privacy policy was made available, the language used and its word length.Consumer trust also has its own award category at this year’s Meffys, the global awards for mobile content and commerce which will take place in San Francisco on 14th November as part of MEF Global Forum 2013.  The award recognises companies who are paving the way for managing mobile privacy and security in line with regulation and industry developments of best practice. ↓ … [Read more...]

MEF participates in AVG Mobile Security Forum

Following the publication of last month's Global Privacy Report, MEF's Simon Bates was invited to participate in AVG's Mobile Security Forum, held during Mobile World Congress, watch the roundup video of the event below. MEF's report, supported by AVG Technologies, reveals consumer attitudes towards the use of their personal information by mobile app providers, scrutinising four key factors of privacy, Transparency, Comfort, Security and Control, and is available for MEF members to download for free, while an executive summary outlining the key points is available for all. … [Read more...]