Mobile banking, the safe way – AVG

Judith Bitterli, Chief Marketing Officer at AVG Technologies explores the rising popularity of mobile banking and presents some simple rules for keeping your financial information safe, and your phone protected. More American adults now bank online than don’t. As of last year, Pew Research Institute found 51% banked online. Increasingly that means mobile banking. In it’s 2013 study, Pew found that 32% of US adults, and 35% of cell phone owners, bank using their mobile phones. Particularly during summer travel time, many of us are likely to do more of our banking, bill paying and, even, … [Read more...]

Beach to Breach – 60 per cent don’t check WiFi security on holiday [Infographic]

With holiday season upon us, its worth remembering the importance of mobile security when abroad, especially when we feel like catching up on our work email.  A recent study from Sourcefire, (part of Cisco) found that UK employees are potentially putting their companies at risk of cyber-attack when using their mobile devices for work purposes while on holiday. 60% admit that they don't check the security of Wi-Fi networks before connecting to them. Perhaps even more amazing is the sheer number of us checking in with work during our holiday with 72% choosing to spend up to one or two hours per … [Read more...]

The Perils of Securing the Computer in Your Pocket

If computers themselves are relatively new in the grand scheme of things, then mobile devices are incredibly new. And likewise, just as we’ve spent the better part of the last two or three decades figuring out how to secure the traditional computer, there is probably a long road ahead for mobile security as well. Kaspersky Lab Mobile expert Brian Donohue takes a look at some fundamental steps to ensuring your mobile device is secure. Smartphones and tablets have everything and more than the personal computer, which represents a security challenge in and of itself. More problematically though, … [Read more...]

10 things you need to know about mobile security – Omri Sigelman, AVG

Every week, we ask our members to sum up everything we need to know about a given topic in 10 easy to digest morsels.  This week  Omri Sigelman  from internet and mobile security provider, AVG Technologies, shines a light on mobile security. Everyone knows about the stratospheric growth of mobile usage throughout the world, but what is often overlooked is that as smartphone use is growing, so are the threats targeted at mobile users. Technology research firm Gartner is predicting that Smartphone sales in 2013 will hit 1 billion units, and while consumers clearly love them, there’s a lack … [Read more...]