[infographic] How healthcare professionals are planning in mobile transformation

As the mobile ecosystem continues to expand to capture more and more vertical sectors healthcare perhaps stands to benefit the most.  Interest in areas like remote patient monitoring with wearable devices through to managing appointments and sending out reminders can all deliver the kind of operational efficiencies that will save healthcare companies large sums of money. Its relatively early days.  Whilst most organisations acknowledge mHealth as a way to achieve these goals, many are still figuring out the ROI.  And yet in the US it is estimated that wearables could drop hospital costs by … [Read more...]

16 stats that show how mHealth is taking shape globally

MEF’s recently published mHealth and Wearables Report 2015 which revealed the usage trends and attitudes of 15,000 mobile consumers in 15 countries, indicated that the adoption of health and fitness apps globally has grown year-on-year by more than a third, from 11 to 15 per cent.  Similarly, the use of medical apps has grown by a fifth from 8 to 10 per cent.  This is a trend that is set to push forward driven by two related factors: The growth in wearable devices and their close association with direct consumer health benefits like regular exercise and diet. The growth in the … [Read more...]