Meffys Spotlight – GoMetro

The 12th annual Meffys, supported by F-Secure, is open for entries and return to London this Autumn. Continuing our spotlight series we speak to last year’s winners to find out what winning a Meffy meant to them and what they’ve been up to since they celebrated their win. This week, we catch up with GoMetro, the winner of the Innovation in a Growth Market Award (this year called the Innovation in a Mobile First Market). GoMetro Founder Justin Coetzee shares what's in store for the business next. What did Go Metro win a Meffy for? GoMetro won the MEF 2014 award for Innovation in a Growth … [Read more...]

Meffys Spotlight – The Wireless Registry

With the 12th annual Meffys, supported by F-Secure, open for entries and set to return to London, we are taking a look at some of last year’s winners to find out what winning a Meffy meant to them and what they’ve been up to since they celebrated their win. This week, 2014's winner of the prestigious Consumer Trust Award - The Wireless Registry fill us in on their year so far, with CEO, Patrick Parodi. What did The Wireless Registry win a Meffy for? In collaboration with The Future of Privacy Forum, The Wireless Registry has created the first universal opt-out for Mobile Locations … [Read more...]

MWC15 News Round-up Day 4 – say goodbye to passwords, hello to connected cars and pizza

This year at MWC consumer trust and privacy have taken up position as a central theme.  There's also been plenty of announcements at the device level on how consumers can protect themselves with more sophisticated biometric authentication technology.  ZTE, Fujitsu and EyeVerify all announced eye scanning technology and Qualcomm putting forward its own 3D unltrasonic finger print scanning tech as a credible alternative. Elsewhere there's more evidence that the automotive sector is increasingly embracing mobile as the latest poster-boy of the ecosystem.  Visa announced that it has joined … [Read more...]

MWC15 News Round-up Day 3 – from mobile phones to connected bow-ties

Day three at Mobile World Congress saw much more buzz around the Internet of Things, data, wearables and smart devices. The words *mobile* and *phone* are deliberately omitted because so much of the exhibition and discussion has noticeably shifted out to capture the array of things that mobile now enables.  Connected cars, health bands, connected watches - even hat-pins, bow-ties and cuff-links were featured on one of the many Samsung stands. Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Executive Ken Hu took up the issue in his keynote stating, in no uncertain terms: 'be careful smartphone, your days are … [Read more...]

Where’s the value? Business models for the Internet of Things

The widespread deployment of sensors, smartphones and internet connected devices has ushered in an era of big data and The Internet of Things.  Even sheep, it seems, have a role to play in this emerging technology mega-trend.  But where is the value in all of the data that is generated? and does that value actively engage consumers as willing participants in the new data economy? Here Bob O’Donnell, founder and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research, LLC discusses the business challenges in extracting the value that is locked up in the IoT ecosystem. In the early days of building and … [Read more...]