Digital Content Adoption: Can Analytics Bridge the Gap?

Juan Jose De La Torre, VP of Strategy & Corporate Development and Meghali Sharma, Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Intigral return to the MEF Minute to explore digital content adoption and the crucial role analytics have in making smart business decisions. Our previous blog debated the evolution of digital mobile content in the region and factors motivating its growth. These factors have enabled a visible shift from traditional mobile value added services to data oriented services; however, there still exists a clear disconnect in the type of content and applications which … [Read more...]

What’s behind the growth of mobile digital content in the Middle East?

Juan Jose De La Torre, VP of Strategy & Corporate Development and Meghali Sharma, Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Intigral take a deep dive into the Middle Eastern mobile digital content market, and uncover the driving forces of its rapid growth. The Middle Eastern telecommunications market is going through a transitional shift demonstrated by changing business models on the back of high smartphone penetration rates and a slow down in revenue growth. The business reality is that telco customer engagement models are evolving from subscriber acquisition to customer retention and now to … [Read more...]

5 minutes with… Intigral

In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, CEO, Dr. Ismaeel Makdisi introduces Intigral. Who/what is Intigral? Intigral was formed about four years ago in 2009 to fill the digital content gap in the Middle East market. About six to seven years ago, the region’s telecoms sector was undergoing massive changes. It was fast-expanding and there was an immediate need for focused digital media content services.  The operators who were now moving to newer business models and expanding their … [Read more...]

MEF Diary – Visiting Dubai and the MEF Middle East Steering Committee

Ewa Golebiewska is Member Services Manager for MEF globally, and recently visited Dubai to meet with members from the MEF Middle East Steering Committee. Getting up at 5.45am on Sunday morning is never pleasant, but I was about to fly from a rainy London to a city in a desert with the tallest buildings in the world to meet some of our most important members in this key region. On Monday the 13th of May the MEF Middle East Steering committee met, Chaired by MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter,  and kindly hosted by member Dentons at their beautiful offices.  The meeting was very well attended with … [Read more...]