Where’s the value? Business models for the Internet of Things

The widespread deployment of sensors, smartphones and internet connected devices has ushered in an era of big data and The Internet of Things.  Even sheep, it seems, have a role to play in this emerging technology mega-trend.  But where is the value in all of the data that is generated? and does that value actively engage consumers as willing participants in the new data economy? Here Bob O’Donnell, founder and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research, LLC discusses the business challenges in extracting the value that is locked up in the IoT ecosystem. In the early days of building and … [Read more...]

Innovation Series: Four start-ups connecting the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, has been emerging as the next technology mega-trend for some time, but now with pervasive connectivity and increasingly smart devices, a bona-fide IoT, beyond the smart fridge, is coming in from the cold. In this, the third from our MEF Global Forum: Innovation Day series, another group of talented start-ups; August Smart Lock, The Orange Chef Co, Voyomotive and inHome tell attendees at the San Francisco conference why they need to bet on IoT .  Checkout their presentations and slides below, and below that, hear from an expert IoT panel including Cisco, Comcast … [Read more...]