73 per cent of consumers want wearables despite low product knowledge

With wearables touted as a major trend for 2015, experiential agency Fizz, has conducted consumer research looking at people’s appetite for the technology in the UK. Britons are willing to spend £111 on a wearables, with online research proving to be the most common way people learn about the products (41 per cent opting for this method), followed by recommendations from friends and family (32 per cent) and social media reviews (23 per cent), before ultimately purchasing in-store. For these and other wearable stats, check-out the inforgraphic below. … [Read more...]

There are already 50 billion sensors in *things* What will the connected future look like? [Infographic]

Sitting at the confluence of Big Data, Mobile and M2M, the Internet of Things is tipped as the next mega-trend.  Could 2015 be the year that it becomes table stakes for businesses?  There are an estimated 50 billion sensors in *things* already deployed and that figure is expected to grow to two trillion in the next few years.  This infographic explores how the near-IoT-future will look from the point-of-view of field technicians. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

Mobile Dominates Black Friday + Cyber Monday [Infographic]

Last week's Black Friday and Cyber Monday promised to provide a big shot to retailers who were hoping to hit record takings in the run up to Christmas.  But with an increasingly central role in how and where consumers shop, mobile is the real winner.  Take a look at IBM's Black Friday and Cyber Monday infographics below to see how the small screen fared in the online retail weekend of the year.   Page 2 - Cyber Monday > … [Read more...]

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The Rise of Hired Hackers [Infographic]

Here's an interesting infographic from Samsung’s latest security report, based on a pan-European survey of 5,000 workers, examining the apparent shift from work/life balance to work/life blend. Naturally, mobile is a big part of this trend, with 41% now using personal smartphones for both work and personal uses. It also takes in how BYOD is presenting enterprise IT with a host of new challenges to consider, including the  26% of respondents who have used their own technology to actively "get around" company IT restrictions. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

A View from the Top: the Unexposed Evolution of Telecom in Silicon Valley

Much has been written of the magic of Silicon Valley. Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst at Telecom Council of Silicon Valley here adds a unique perspective to highlight the industry’s incredible history in the innovation capital of the world, and share some measures of its growth. It’s understood that the view from the highest point has the best strategic value – a 360° view offers constant visibility of surrounding activities, engagements, and threats. As innovation facilitators working as much with telcos and vendors as we do with startups, the Telecom Council is the highest point in Silicon … [Read more...]

The Next Mobile Frontier: Global Vs Local Brands [Infographic]

Amazon is rumoured to be planning extensions to its existing mobile content offering that could include a music streaming service and even a dedicated Amazon smartphone. However, the global online retailer is losing ground to its 'Big 3’ key competitors Apple, Google and Microsoft in emerging markets, according to research from mobile marketing expert and MEF member Upstream. The latest installment in the ‘The Next Mobile Frontier’ report shows that over half of those surveyed (52%) said that Apple is the brand that they currently spend money or would like to spend more on in the future. … [Read more...]

Report shows growth markets driving uptake of education apps [infographic]

This week saw the release of the latest report in MEF’s Global Consumer Insights Series, examining the prevalence of mobile educational products and services across 13 global markets. We've created this handy infographic to share the key findings, Members can head over to the MEF website to download the full report. Press release - MEF members can download the full report, part of the Global Consumer Insight Series, for free. … [Read more...]

[Infographic] Zero to Eight – Children’s media use in America

Common Sense Media have been conducting research into children's media use in the States as part of an ongoing series, and for the 2013 edition have uncovered some surprising (and a few perhaps less so) trends into how kids are using mobiles and other media devices. Take a look at their excellent infographic: Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

[Infographic] The Future of Mobility

Mobile workforce management solution firm Click Software have produced this smart infographic on the future of mobility, with some nice insights on mobile habits and trends. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

[Infographic] Preferred mobile brands & content in emerging markets

Mobile marketing company, Upstream, has put together this interesting infographic about mobile preferences in emerging markets based on their recent Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report. Don't forget, MEF Africa is currently conducting a pan-African mobile study to better understand the mobile content and commerce landscape in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. Complete the independent online survey  by October 25th and you could win a Samsung Galaxy S4. See the MEF website for more details and prize draw terms & conditions. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? … [Read more...]

[Infographic] Mobile Tourism is booming – 1 in 3 hotel reservations made on smartphones by 2016

UK based HRS, the Hotel Reservation Service, has put some research together to find out how many corporate travel bookings are made using mobiles, and produced this smart infographic. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

[infographic] More than a quarter of the top 100 free mobile apps don’t have a privacy policy

That's according to the latest MEF research on the relative success of mobile privacy policies which examines when and how a privacy policy was made available, the language used and its word length.Consumer trust also has its own award category at this year’s Meffys, the global awards for mobile content and commerce which will take place in San Francisco on 14th November as part of MEF Global Forum 2013.  The award recognises companies who are paving the way for managing mobile privacy and security in line with regulation and industry developments of best practice. ↓ … [Read more...]

MEF Global Consumer Survey 2012 Infographic

Source: The MEF Global Consumer Survey 2012 … [Read more...]