Regulating mobile apps – a bit OTT?

In the wake of Indian regulators' calls to ‘exchange views on Over the Top services’, Ravi Rajagopalan, CEO of MEF Member Empays Payment Systems and MEF Asia Board Director, here argues that discussion must not lead to market intervention. In the early days of the mobile internet the telecom operator was king. As well as controlling voice and text communications, they decided what content their customer had access to and how much it would cost. Unfortunately, this ‘walled garden’ approach didn’t tally with consumers’ experience of fixed internet services. People liked the fact a web … [Read more...]

MEF Connects Singapore – Event Roundup

MEF Asia recently hosted the ever-popular MEF Connects Singapore held during CommunicAsia where MEF members and business leaders from across the world met to share knowledge and do business. Here, General Manager for MEF Asia, Linda Ruck, shares the background to one of the most exciting mobile markets in the world, and her takeaways from the member event. With a population of almost 5.4 million, Singapore is a busy and exciting market with a this tech-savvy nation that enjoys a staggering mobile penetration rate of more than 148 percent and 8 million active mobile subscribers - split between … [Read more...]