Privacy is the single biggest concern for today’s mobile consumers ten other facts shaping the global mobile industry At next month’s MEF Global Forum (November 17th – 19th, San Francisco), we will be launching the 4th Annual MEF Global Consumer Survey which analyses the behaviours, attitudes and trends that are shaping the mobile industry from over 15,000 respondents in 15 countries. From Mexico to UAE and from Nigeria to Indonesia - here’s a sneak preview of 11 essential facts about global mobile trends from wearables & mHealth to mobile payments and The Internet of Things. All of these topics and more will be represented at MEF Global … [Read more...]

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Report shows growth markets driving uptake of education apps [infographic]

This week saw the release of the latest report in MEF’s Global Consumer Insights Series, examining the prevalence of mobile educational products and services across 13 global markets. We've created this handy infographic to share the key findings, Members can head over to the MEF website to download the full report. Press release - MEF members can download the full report, part of the Global Consumer Insight Series, for free. … [Read more...]

The changing role of mobile devices in the classroom

Tom Hall is VP of Education Technology Partnerships at learning and education specialists Pearson. As a recently joined MEF member Tom explores the rise of mobile technology as an essential tool for global learning programmes and education It seems that every time I’m on a plane or train these days, I see a child - who is barely old enough to walk or talk - happily playing on their parent’s smart phone or tablet. That’s because these interfaces are intuitive for kids; they touch, push and pull on the screen, similarly to how they discover any new object at that young age. In fact, almost half … [Read more...]