Updated COPPA Rules: 5 Tips to Consider When Assessing Your Compliance

As the FTC's new COPPA rules come into force, the way mobile apps, websites and social networks are able to go about collecting data on their child users has changed dramatically. Privacy experts from MEF members Dentons, Todd Daubert and Andrew Blair provide their top tips to understanding the new regulations and how to ensure your business remains compliant. On July 1, updated rules of the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) to implement the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) became effective, making compliance with a heightened set of requirements for online service providers … [Read more...]

FTC strengthens COPPA rules for ads targeting under 13’s

Today new rules come in to play in the US that revise the ways in which mobile apps, websites and social networking sites can collect and use behavioural data on child users under the age of 13 in an effort to give parents greater control over the information that can be collected. The updates published last December follow a two-year FTC-led review of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in an effort to keep privacy legislation in step with advances in technology, particularly where it is used to track information about child users over time. When the amendments were … [Read more...]