Infographic: The connected car market to 2020

By 2020 there will be an estimated 220 million connected cars on the road according to Business Insider.  And with connectivity comes all manner of IoT services.  Vehicle diagnostics, autonomous communication with a dealership for service notifications, smart cars communicating with smart traffic lights and more. And with more and more vehicles equipped with internet-enabled hardware, car dashboards will start to resemble and be operated like smartphone apps - providing all kinds of infotainment services.  This infographic by Business Insider explores what that (near) future will look … [Read more...]

Why Google And Apple Want A Piece Of The Connected Car Pie

The Automotive industry is getting mobile.  Connectivity that includes WiFi, in-car entertainment and access to traffic information as well as M2M features like car diagnostics is already a feature of high-end vehicles.  What's interesting is how this market will be driven.  On one hand, car manufacturers are increasingly bringing in platforms that capture these features, on the other both Apple and Google, as well as mobile operators have made it clear - automotive is a market that they are interested in. BI Intelligence estimates that by 2020, 75 per cent of cars shipped globally will be … [Read more...]

MWC15 News Round-up Day 4 – say goodbye to passwords, hello to connected cars and pizza

This year at MWC consumer trust and privacy have taken up position as a central theme.  There's also been plenty of announcements at the device level on how consumers can protect themselves with more sophisticated biometric authentication technology.  ZTE, Fujitsu and EyeVerify all announced eye scanning technology and Qualcomm putting forward its own 3D unltrasonic finger print scanning tech as a credible alternative. Elsewhere there's more evidence that the automotive sector is increasingly embracing mobile as the latest poster-boy of the ecosystem.  Visa announced that it has joined … [Read more...]