There are more than 45,000 health apps – is data privacy being overlooked?

Spurred by the growth in wearables and health & well being apps, mHealth is growing fast, not just as a way to track personal fitness but as a way for medical professionals to improve patient care and remotely identify the signs of serious illness for example.  In the US it is estimated that wearables could drop hospital costs by 16 per cent over the five years, and remote patient monitoring technologies could save our healthcare system $200 billion over the next 25 years. What remains consistent is the need to generate and store vast amounts of patient data yet by its definition, … [Read more...]

The Mobile App Jungle – facts and figure [infographic]

There are 40,000 new app releases every month, 25% of which are games and 20% of all apps are only used once and never again.  That's according to app search engine provider, Knicket which looks at app user behaviour in this handy infographic - its a jungle out there.   … [Read more...]

Is your App Sticky Enough? [Infographic]

App analytics and marketing firm, Localytics has released its latest update to its App Stickiness Index - the company measure of user engagement (specifically mining data on app use frequency).  According to the index, 20% of apps are opened just once and then abandoned, with sports apps faring particularly badly at a 23% abandonment rate. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

11 Facts That Demonstrate The Global Impact and Growth of Mobile

Don’t panic! the deadline for entering the 11th annual Meffys has been extended to 8th August. To celebrate here’s 11 essential mobile facts from across the mobile landscape representing some of the categories that will be awarded in Silicon Valley later this year. Categories include Mobile Money, Entertainment & Life Tool Apps, Social Responsibility and Consumer Trust as well as four new categories Big Data, Innovation in FinTech, Mobile Health and Mobile Education. 1. 90% of all data has been created in the last two years.  The proliferation of smartphones is accelerating this growth.  … [Read more...]

71 per cent of developers feel that ad networks exaggerate eCPM figures

That's according to a new report from social games network PapayaMobile, the company behind the mobile ad and cross-promotional platform AppFlood. The survey, which canvassed 1,000 independent studios to find out how they feel about the various app advertising and marketing channels, reveals some uncomfortable statistics: 71 per cent of respondents felt that ad networks exaggerate eCPM rates (effective cost per thousand impressions) 48 per cent of developers felt the acquisition cost was too expensive when asked if the investment in mobile marketing was good value for money To give … [Read more...]

Attend MEF’s roundtable session on Privacy & Mobile Apps at MWC

In response to the current media focus on privacy and industry concern, MEF will be hosting a roundtable next week at MWC in Barcelona on ‘Privacy & Mobile Apps’ on February 28th.MEF Chair Andrew Bud said “Trust between mobile consumers and the apps that they use is inevitably sensitive but absolutely vital to the development of the industry. Sustaining consumer trust is a task not just for the app store but for the whole ecosystem. We have essential work to do as an industry to make that practical.” Open to members and invited VIP guests, the session brings together companies across the … [Read more...]

Distimo report highlights growth of in-app billing

Distimo, the leading mobile app analytics company, has today released its reports examining the movers and shakers for the year in each of the major mobile app stores across several territories. The reports contain a huge amount of data from the whole year covering Apple's App stores for the iPhone and iPad, Android marketplace, BlackBerry's App World, Windows Phone Marketplace, Nokia Ovi Store, and the Amazon Appstore. The key findings from the reports are:1. In all appstores the proportion of free applications surged significantly over the past year. In most appstores the average price of … [Read more...]

MEF Middle East Webinar – HTML5 vs Native Apps

Topic: HTML5 vs. Native Apps in defining mobile application strategiesDate: Wednesday 14th DecemberTime: 14:00 (UAE)Join us next week for a MEF Middle east webinar discussion examining the different approaches to mobile applications afforded by HTML5 and native applications.Register NowThere has been increased discussion around HTML5 in recent months prompting content publishers to question and rethink their mobile application strategies. While many tend to revert to building native apps as a tried and tested solution, there is another camp supporting HTML5 development due to the benefits … [Read more...]