The Appification of Health & Fitness [Infographic]

Mobile professional services firm  Mobiquity has put together this infographic on the results of a survey of how consumers use their phones to track their health & fitness. 45 per cent use their fitness apps daily, with the majority tracking calorie intake, monitoring weight and goals. 63 per cent plan to use health and fitness apps even more over the next five years, and 55% of respondents plan to use wearable devices for health and fitness.  Concerns about privacy were highlighted as the greatest barrier to adoption with 61% suggesting this was stopping them from using health apps even … [Read more...]

Examining Trends in the Global App Economy [Infographic]

How does app use vary around the world? Which devices have the most app-hungry users? These questions and more and answered by MEF’s App Economy report, highlighting growth across all app categories, and suggesting the high levels of engagement in growth markets will continue to drive adoption worldwide, delivering new opportunities for the app ecosystem. MEF members can download the free report now from the MEF website.   … [Read more...]

The Mobile Data Crunch [Infographic]

Watching a video on Smartphone carries the same network burden as sending 500,000 text messages, that's according to this infographic from network infrastructure provider, CommScope.   Demands on mobile networks are reaching a crunch point as consumer's appetite for mobile social media, HD video content and apps are driving the rapid growth in data traffic, pegged at an 80% increase from 2012- 2013.  Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

Keep up: why upload speeds are the forgotten part of the broadband equation

Later this month, MEF is hosting a panel session at Broadband World Forum 2013, the world’s largest Broadband event, revealing some of the mobile trends & insights uncovered by the 3rd annual MEF Global Consumer Survey, and featuring survey partners KPMG and On Device Research. In this week's guest post, Benny Har-Even, Senior Content Producer for the Broadband World and LTE World  series, discusses mobile and broadband data speeds, and the often neglected, but all important, upload speed. While most of us are now more than comfortable with operating in a mobile world, even the non- … [Read more...]