Six Essential Insights into the Indonesian App Market

Josh Fenn, Senior Marketing Manager at internet giant & MEF Member Baidu, shares his six tips for understanding the burgeoning mobile applications market in Indonesia, as well as a wealth of data from the MoboMarket Android App store, which boasts 4 million monthly active users in Indonesia. With a population of over 250 million people, Indonesia is an increasingly important market for mobile developers. But it’s difficult to know the most effective way to reach Indonesian users unless you can get an inside peek into how people there are searching for, downloading and updating … [Read more...]

Helping Users Build a Locally Relevant Web

The lowering cost of smartphones and cheaper data plans is fuelling the growth of mobile first markets - where the mobile device is the primary and often the only way of getting online for massive consumer segments. One company at the forefront of this undertaking is the Mozilla Foundation. Here Ben Moskovitz, Director of Development Strategy - speaking at MEF's recent conference, MEF Global Forum Mobile First Markets - shares insights into the work and philosophy behind bringing the internet to market for the first time, and the role mobile plays in that vision. In the next ten years, the … [Read more...]

Understanding the key tax requirements in India’s $137 billion m-commerce market

Internet use in India has grown massively - mostly through the availability and adoption of mobile, with a reported 300 million people now online. In tandem, e-commerce is also experiencing major growth with home grown companies like Flipkart as well as international e-commerce outfits like Amazon, all generating profit from the newly internet enabled Indian consumer. However, with commerce comes new levels of complexity when it comes to tax and VAT.  Here Rajeev Agarwal Desai Haribhakti & Co. Partner International Tax & Regulatory (Independent member firm of Baker Tilly India) … [Read more...]