Direct Carrier Billing and Boku’s e-money: from digital to physical purchases

Until recently, in Europe, direct carrier billing (AKA direct operator billing) was restricted to the purchase of digital goods and operated under an exemption to the European Union’s Payment Services Directive (PSD). This regulatory framework was largely established to deal with the purchase of ringtones and wallpapers. Now however, it’s possible for carrier billing providers to operate in full compliance with the PSD using an e-money licence, enabling carrier billing to be used for physical purchases, presenting a major new commerce opportunity. MEF member Boku is one such company that … [Read more...]

Contactless payments and NFC enabled phones – driving m-commerce [Infographic]

Here's another take on the mobile payments landscape from MasterCard which explores the growth of m-commerce and how contactless payments are set to stimulate this area of the mobile ecosytem for both online and in-store transactions, setting the forecasted value of these transactions at $721 billion by 2017. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

Global Consumer Insights Series: 2/3 mobile media consumers use a 2nd screen

This week saw the release of the second report in MEF's Global Consumer Insights Series, examining second screen trends across 13 global markets and the ways in which mobile devices are used in tandem with other forms of media. The report highlights how they complement, rather than replace, other channels. The second screen phenomenon has challenged the widespread belief that mobile obliterates other media. It indicates that the handset is not all consuming. Rather, it complements other activities. Like watching TV or browsing the desktop web. . Key Findings 65 per cent of mobile … [Read more...]

Mobile payments driving global m-commerce adoption

MEF this week released the first report in its Global Consumer Insights Series on Mobile Money, authored by editor in chief of Mobile Money Revolution, Tim Green and with Analytics partner, On Device Research. The report analyses data from 10,000 respondents in 13 countries, highlighting regional & global trends in mobile money uptake and how it is stimulating growth across the mobile value chain. In 2013, 15 per cent of mobile media users used some form of mobile money scheme to buy things at retail. They did so via a mobile wallet (NFC or otherwise), a mobile loyalty scheme or a … [Read more...]

New year’s resolution #1: improve your mobile experience

As we all take stock of another successful holiday season, Amy King,  MEF Member and VP of Product Marketing at marketing intelligence company Evidon  assesses the increasingly crucial role of m-commerce and shares tips on how to improve your business' mobile website and app performance. Press outlets are already proclaiming the global success of the m-commerce holiday season, which saw a 43% increase year over year. The revenue lost to poorly performing mobile websites and applications presents the greatest risk to m-commerce success but too often goes unmentioned. So as we enter the new … [Read more...]

Press Release: MEF looks at the year ahead identifying 10 key mobile trends for 2014

London 19th December 2013: MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, looks ahead to 2014 by unveiling its predictions for the global mobile landscape in the next 12 months. Leveraging insights from MEF’s Global Board of Directors and its third annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey  which studies mobile user behaviour from 10,000 respondents in 13 countries, the forecast identifies key trends that will shape the mobile industry in the year ahead. 1. The dawn of Mobile 3.0 The new breed of relationship super apps will displace one-off purchases - for music or video for … [Read more...]

Choice and convenience over price – the new pulling powers in the Omni-Channel Digital Shopping Age

Dr KF Lai is CEO of global mobile advertising network and MEF member BuzzCity. Here Dr Lai assesses the influence of digital mobile technology on our shopping habits, and the challenges and opportunities it presents for modern retailers. The power of social and technology has shifted the focus in marketing to the consumer, with a move from broadcasting content to adopting a strategy that encourages credible and powerful word-of-mouth recommendation. The consumer is increasingly empowered; their voice has an instant digital platform. Most importantly, this power has translated from how … [Read more...]

Press Release: MEF announces findings of its third annual 13-Country Global Consumer Survey 2013

Mobile content and commerce moves to era of Mobile 3.0 65 per cent of all mobile media users have purchased goods or services from their mobile device Fall in purchase volumes of digital content identified for the first time from 54 per cent of mobile media users in 2012 to 42 per cent in 2013 Value of goods & services consumed has shifted with a decline in low spend items by 6 per cent and high spend items (+$150) jumping to 39 per cent Trust is an even greater barrier to mobile content and commerce adoption than ever cited by 40 per cent of 2013 respondents London, 5th … [Read more...]

Mobile Content’s Two Big Questions Are Platforms And Payments

Fiona Gellatly, MEF North America General Manager, explores the fundamental issues facing companies trying to crack the mobile conundrum, and gives a sneak preview of a new forum for MEF North America members to share knowledge and exchange solutions to real-world challenges, coming in Fall 2013. No one who’s paid attention to entertainment industry trends is surprised by the rocketing consumption of digital entertainment on mobile devices. Just under six years from the introduction of the first mass-market mobile-connected media device (Apple’s iPhone), consumption of digital content on … [Read more...]

MEF North America m-Commerce Playbook

The MEF Global Consumer Survey found that the US now has 91% penetration of mobile content & commerce, with growth in all mobile content and commerce behaviors – product research, banking and purchasing. Members in North America are currently working on the MEF mCommerce Playbook, an exclusive MEF member resource that you will soon be able to download from the main website. Contributing members include SNR Denton, RIM, InComm, Alliance Data, Impact Mobile, PayOne, OpenMarket, Nielsen, Buck, Samsung and MoPay.The playbook will feature information on: Current m-commerce and mobile … [Read more...]

MEF LATAM M-Commerce Summit is resounding success

On the 22nd of September, MEF hosted its MEF LATAM M-Commerce Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event aimed to explore the topics of micro payments and virtual goods from the perspective of the many varied players in the market including content producers, online games companies, social networks, mobile carriers, billing aggregators, banks and credit card companies and more! Much to our delight, the gathering has already been hailed as a great success, with over 120 attendees from across the MEF membership and beyond giving a resoundingly positive response to the afternoon of panels and … [Read more...]