Beach to Breach – 60 per cent don’t check WiFi security on holiday [Infographic]

With holiday season upon us, its worth remembering the importance of mobile security when abroad, especially when we feel like catching up on our work email.  A recent study from Sourcefire, (part of Cisco) found that UK employees are potentially putting their companies at risk of cyber-attack when using their mobile devices for work purposes while on holiday. 60% admit that they don't check the security of Wi-Fi networks before connecting to them. Perhaps even more amazing is the sheer number of us checking in with work during our holiday with 72% choosing to spend up to one or two hours per … [Read more...]

The Rise of Hired Hackers [Infographic]

Here's an interesting infographic from Samsung’s latest security report, based on a pan-European survey of 5,000 workers, examining the apparent shift from work/life balance to work/life blend. Naturally, mobile is a big part of this trend, with 41% now using personal smartphones for both work and personal uses. It also takes in how BYOD is presenting enterprise IT with a host of new challenges to consider, including the  26% of respondents who have used their own technology to actively "get around" company IT restrictions. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

The 2014 Mobile Market in Brazil [Infographic]

With global attention still on Brazil for the final stages of the World Cup, US Media Consulting has put together this timely infographic offering key stats for Brazil’s mobile market. Brazil has 134% mobile penetration while smartphones account for 18% of the mobile market for example. Earlier this year MEF's LatAm Chairman Arturo Galvan contributed a great piece on the growth of mobile and the market opportunity in Brazil, discussing the trend as a "Digital Tsunami".  This Infographic originally appeared on Latin Link. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

The World Cup of Mobile [Infographic]

With most of the planet firmly in the grip of World Cup fever, the IAB and OnDevice Research bring us some fascinating insights into how consumers globally are using mobile to enhance their experience of the event. 48% of people surveyed in the multi-country study plan to follow matches on their device, the second most popular option after the TV, while 20% said they plan to use their device as a second screen to watch more than one game simultaneously. A huge 90% said they would use their mobile to share content relating to the Cup, from score updates to selfies. Check out the … [Read more...]

The Appification of Health & Fitness [Infographic]

Mobile professional services firm  Mobiquity has put together this infographic on the results of a survey of how consumers use their phones to track their health & fitness. 45 per cent use their fitness apps daily, with the majority tracking calorie intake, monitoring weight and goals. 63 per cent plan to use health and fitness apps even more over the next five years, and 55% of respondents plan to use wearable devices for health and fitness.  Concerns about privacy were highlighted as the greatest barrier to adoption with 61% suggesting this was stopping them from using health apps even … [Read more...]

Examining Trends in the Global App Economy [Infographic]

How does app use vary around the world? Which devices have the most app-hungry users? These questions and more and answered by MEF’s App Economy report, highlighting growth across all app categories, and suggesting the high levels of engagement in growth markets will continue to drive adoption worldwide, delivering new opportunities for the app ecosystem. MEF members can download the free report now from the MEF website.   … [Read more...]

The Next Mobile Frontier: Global Vs Local Brands [Infographic]

Amazon is rumoured to be planning extensions to its existing mobile content offering that could include a music streaming service and even a dedicated Amazon smartphone. However, the global online retailer is losing ground to its 'Big 3’ key competitors Apple, Google and Microsoft in emerging markets, according to research from mobile marketing expert and MEF member Upstream. The latest installment in the ‘The Next Mobile Frontier’ report shows that over half of those surveyed (52%) said that Apple is the brand that they currently spend money or would like to spend more on in the future. … [Read more...]

The Mobile Data Crunch [Infographic]

Watching a video on Smartphone carries the same network burden as sending 500,000 text messages, that's according to this infographic from network infrastructure provider, CommScope.   Demands on mobile networks are reaching a crunch point as consumer's appetite for mobile social media, HD video content and apps are driving the rapid growth in data traffic, pegged at an 80% increase from 2012- 2013.  Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

Mobile Shopping 2014: the rise of the omni-consumer [infographic]

Tablet shoppers are most active from 9:00 PM until midnight with 40 per cent of tablet owners making purchases as they wind down from work.  That's according to the latest analysis from the affiliate marketing network, Tradedoubler  in its report, Mobile Shopping Research (the rise of the omniconsumer). And it seems consumers are happy to multi-task whilst watching TV with 71 per cent of tablet users and 59 per cent of mobile users using their evening down time to buy things via the mobile channel.  See the infographic below for further consumer insights in to the growing mobile shopping … [Read more...]

Report shows growth markets driving uptake of education apps [infographic]

This week saw the release of the latest report in MEF’s Global Consumer Insights Series, examining the prevalence of mobile educational products and services across 13 global markets. We've created this handy infographic to share the key findings, Members can head over to the MEF website to download the full report. Press release - MEF members can download the full report, part of the Global Consumer Insight Series, for free. … [Read more...]

The Next Mobile Frontier [Infographic]

With 5.2 billion of the world’s 6.8 billion mobile subscribers in the developing world, handset manufacturers and developers such as Nokia, Ericsson, Facebook and Mozilla, are renewing their efforts to connect and cater to emerging market consumers. The recently released  "Next Mobile Frontier’ report from mobile marketing expert and MEF member Upstream, polled the views of a representative sample of 4,504 consumers in Brazil, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam in conjunction with Ovum, and finds that although the majority of consumers in these regions use Android devices because of their … [Read more...]

The Rise of Mobile 3.0 [Infographic]

The MEF Global Consumer Survey vividly illuminates the emergence of the next phase in the evolution of mobile content & commerce: Mobile 3.0. depicted in our latest Infographic, based on the data of 10,000 mobile media consumers from across 13 countries in both developed and growth markets, making it one of the most comprehensive mobile studies available. Register now for the free webinar discussing the findings of the global consumer study in depth, as well as industry predictions for mobile in 2014. Moderated by MEF, international speakers include analysts and journalists from … [Read more...]

Mobile Christmas! [Infographic]

In this fascinating infographic, the results of a unique survey on the mobile habits of a particularly niche workforce and their secretive CEO are revealed to discover exactly what effect mobile is having on their business. Uncovered for the first time, discover the secrets of the elven team's preferred OS and app types and how many SMS present requests Santa gets annually - plus much more. Festive fun from Yodel Mobile - Merry Christmas! Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

The Continued Rise of Digital Publishing [Infographic]

The onward march of mobile and tablet as an engagement channel means that publishers are radically rethinking their strategies to grow customer bases and advertising opportunities. Consider this; globally there are 502,000 tablets sold every day and 370,000 births, and there are various predictions around the exponential growth of tablet sales throughout 2014.  Here's an interesting look at some of the numbers from publishing brands from independent mobile marketing agency,  Yodel Mobile . Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

[Infographic] Zero to Eight – Children’s media use in America

Common Sense Media have been conducting research into children's media use in the States as part of an ongoing series, and for the 2013 edition have uncovered some surprising (and a few perhaps less so) trends into how kids are using mobiles and other media devices. Take a look at their excellent infographic: Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

[Infographic] The Future of Mobility

Mobile workforce management solution firm Click Software have produced this smart infographic on the future of mobility, with some nice insights on mobile habits and trends. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]

[Infographic] Preferred mobile brands & content in emerging markets

Mobile marketing company, Upstream, has put together this interesting infographic about mobile preferences in emerging markets based on their recent Emerging Markets Mobile Attitudes Report. Don't forget, MEF Africa is currently conducting a pan-African mobile study to better understand the mobile content and commerce landscape in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. Complete the independent online survey  by October 25th and you could win a Samsung Galaxy S4. See the MEF website for more details and prize draw terms & conditions. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? … [Read more...]

[Infographic] Mobile Tourism is booming – 1 in 3 hotel reservations made on smartphones by 2016

UK based HRS, the Hotel Reservation Service, has put some research together to find out how many corporate travel bookings are made using mobiles, and produced this smart infographic. Seen or created an informative mobile infographic? Let us know. … [Read more...]