[infographic] How healthcare professionals are planning in mobile transformation

close up of male doctor holding smartphone with medical app

As the mobile ecosystem continues to expand to capture more and more vertical sectors healthcare perhaps stands to benefit the most.  Interest in areas like remote patient monitoring with wearable devices through to managing appointments and sending out reminders can all deliver the kind of operational efficiencies that will save healthcare companies large sums of money.

Its relatively early days.  Whilst most organisations acknowledge mHealth as a way to achieve these goals, many are still figuring out the ROI.  And yet in the US it is estimated that wearables could drop hospital costs by 16 per cent over the five years, and remote patient monitoring technologies could save the US healthcare system $200 billion over the next 25 years.  There are also now more than 45,000 health apps available so naturally there is concern about how to manage the growth in levels of data, particularly in terms of patient privacy.

This infographic from CGS takes a look at the use of mobile technology in the healthcare field, asking hospital stakeholders about their 2015 priorities and the role technology plays in the transformation of their organisation.


Infographic Healthcare_0

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