Mobile Games Forum 2014: MEFTV meets the speakers

MGF-2014-logoLast week MEF attended the Mobile Games Forum in London, where the industry gathered to discuss the state of mobile and social gaming, virtual goods and social gambling. In a two part series, MEFTV caught up with some of the MEF members and other speakers from the show.

In part 1, we meet Jami Laes, Executive Vice President of Rovio Games, who shares his thoughts on current trends and business models driving mobile gaming and Pedro Salgueiro, Managing Director of M-Money at MEF member TIMWE who earlier in the day had showcased their expertise in monetising mobile products and services in emerging markets.

As the free to play model becomes more ubiquitous and comes under ever increasingly intense scrutiny, it is more important than ever for developers to get that balance right. Find out how Rovio thinks developers can succeed by striking a balance between creating engaging, entertaining games and a viable monetisation strategy.


Here Pedro Salgueiro, Managing Director of M-Money at TIMWE shares insights from their earlier presentation into the varying approaches necessary for successfully monetizing games, and other goods and services, in emerging markets, including the importance of  a providing a diverse selection of payment options and the crucial role of local content and knowledge.



For more highlights from the two day London event, stay tuned to the MEF Minute and visit the Mobile Games Forum website.

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