Innovation Series: Meet the MEFGF13 Start-ups

meftv filmstripAs part of the Innovation Day at #MEFGF13 delegates were treated to pitches from some of the hottest early-stage start-ups based in Silicon Valley showcasing mobile technology innovation.

Hosted at NestGSV’s Redwood City campus, MEFTV was on hand to speak to the execs behind these potential future tech giants – meet the first two companies Tile and Partender.

Tile – the world’s largest lost and found

Tile co-founder and CEO Nick Evans describes the revolutionary and Meffy award winning tracking system whereby you can attach a discrete tracking device to your wallet, laptop, keyring or any object you want to keep tabs on, and use the smartphone app to pinpoint its location. The real magic is in the community aspect of the network they’ve created – if you lose your object outside of your own phone’s range, everyone else’s Tile App can be harnessed to scan for your lost item in an efficient, low energy way. Nick also talks about the inspiration behind the concept and it’s advantages over traditional GPS tracking as well as when we can expect to get our hands on Tile’s shapely white squares. Visit the Tile Website – Follow on Twitter

Partender – tackling inventory shrinkage

Nikhil “Nik” Kundra introduces Partender which looks to solve the issue of shrinkage in the bar industry with a truly innovative mobile app. Responsible for 60-80% of bars to fail within 3 years, shrinkage (the combined loss due to over-pouring, spillage and theft etc) is a major headache for the industry, and the traditional inventory process is an antiquated nightmare as any bar worker can attest. The Partender system automates the ordering process right along the supply chain thanks to the rich data provided and the speed and ease the app brings to taking stock. Nik demonstrates Partender’s intuitive visual interface and talks us through what comes next for their business as they tackle a drinks industry worth nearly $94 Billion in the US alone. Visit – Follow on Twitter

Stay tuned for more MEFTV interviews with startups from MEFGF13


  1. […] Stay tuned for more MEFTV interviews with startups from MEFGF13 – view part 1 with Partender and Tile. […]

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