Global Mobile News Round-up – Week 16th September

Global_News_MEF Each week the MEF team curates mobile stories from around the world. Essential news, the latest market insight & data nuggets, the Global News Round-up offers an instant international mobile content and commerce snapshot.

 Global News Stories

HTML5 vs. Apps: Where The Debate Stands Now, And Why It Matters

Business Insider

An HTML5 app is housed on the Web and runs inside a mobile browser. Unlike apps built specifically for Apple or Android devices, it does not need to be built from scratch for each operating system. The promise is that it can be “write once, run anywhere.

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Before & After iOS 7: How Your Favorite Apps Are Changing


Flat. With one word Apple didn’t just change its look on mobile, but mandated an industry-wide face-lift. Here’s a before and after look at the redesigns rolled out to some of the top third-party iOS apps, along with our analysis and thoughts from developers.

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Google Wallet Hits the Mainstream in the US

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Google has delivered a major update to its Wallet app, including access for any Android user with version 2.3 or higher. The app was previously only available for select NFC handsets on specific networks, but is still limited to US users.

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Barclays ready to launch ‘Pingit for shopping’

Mobile Money Revolution

Barclays’ move into m-commerce comes as no secret. It was previewed earlier this summer, and in fact Barclays had been open about its meetings with corporates last year.


Bluetooth-enabled mobile services threaten NFC with take-off

Mobile Marketer

There is growing excitement around Bluetooth technology and how it can support mobile users’ real-world activities. Apple’s iBeacon and PayPal’s Beacon are just the tip of the iceberg, with many more Bluetooth-enabled services expected over the coming year.

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Google targets iOS users, tells them to enjoy data compression with Chrome


If you don’t lead the kind of existence that allows you to hop between Wi-Fi hotspots, then you’ll know how crucial your data plan is. Every megabyte matters. It makes sense then that Google is expanding the roll out of data compression for Chrome.

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Why This TV Season Will Confirm Mobile’s Unstoppable Rise As A Complementary ‘Second Screen’

Business Insider

These days, TV shows and ad campaigns are planned with a smartphone or tablet-toting TV viewer in mind. A wide majority of U.S. audiences now use a second screen while watching TV, and about half of them do so on a daily basis.

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Facebook And Detail “1000X” Technologies They Hope Will Bring Earth Online


Air Traffic Control, HipHop, WebP, and Supplemental Downlink are some of the futuristic technologies that Facebook and its partners will deploy to bring the Internet to the five billion people still not connected. A 70-page whitepaper released today by partners Facebook, Qualcomm, and Ericsson details how spectrum must change to accommodate 1000 times more web traffic, and Facebook Home’s role as a data efficiency experiment.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Making sense of mobile

Mobile Entertainment

By 2014 there will be more phones than people, however only one in three advertisers have a mobile site.62 per cent of people in the UK own a smartphone, 58 per cent of whom check their phone every hour.Affiliate Window have crafted an infographic including how mobile devices can enhance a shopping experience as well as how merchants, businesses and advertisers can benefit from embracing the mobile space.

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Global News Round-up – These articles are not written by MEF and do not represent any views of individuals, members or the organisation.

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