Propel: Digital Salary Insights shows growth in Mobile

logo_headMobile, no longer considered a niche or silo in businesses, has seen exceptional growth over the last few years. As this growth has continued it has led to expansion in skill sets within mobile and, in turn, the salaries of those working in it.

A recent piece of research from UK based mobile recruitment specialist and MEF Member, Propel, has shown that almost all areas of mobile have seen an increase in salary since 2011 into 2012 and the first half of 2013. Great news for the industry!

Mobile Media Sales saw significant growth across senior roles and, at the extremity of its range, is now responsible for the highest remuneration in the mobile arena. Interestingly though, this area saw a decrease in middleweight and junior roles as the battle for top level talent intensified, stretching the gap between them.

Meanwhile, Mobile Advert Operations saw growth throughout all levels of seniority, as did the development aspects of mobile – Mobile App Development, Mobile Web Development and Mobile UX are all seeing the same trends.

And further encouragement was seen as the research confirmed mobile salary averages were higher than the digital-wide norm by around £770. And following this pattern, average salary growth also beat the industry average of 6% year-on-year, posting up growth of 9%.

However, there is a side note that’s not so positive. Mobile Web Designer salaries have continued to decrease since 2010, and so to have senior Mobile Product Management vacancies.

Overall, this piece of research shows clear signs of growth for the mobile industry and suggests that the real battle for talent is now taking place amongst senior hires. As companies look to cement mobile within their overarching plans, it is imperative that they attract the best people – and those that have the experience are reaping the rewards.

Of all senior skill sets within mobile, only Product positions saw a decrease, and salaries in this area still remained level with the rest. Senior roles now average a salary of around £68,000.

To look at the Mobile Digital Salary Insights in detail, as well as the rest of the information covering the whole digital industry, you can download the report from Propel’s website.


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