iOS 7 – what’s it all about?

iOS-7Apple has just launched the latest version of  its iOS software – iOS 7 – for its phones and tablets. Apple chief executive Tim Cook described it as: “the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone”.

New features include a radically different look and feel to icons and the user interface.  So far opinion seems to be polarised around two central issues – how consumers will accept and re-learn their phone navigation against the need for the technology giant to refresh and update what has essentially been the same since iPhone launched back in 2007.

With that in mind we’ve asked the mobile industry what they think of the new software.  If you’d like to contribute a short comment to this article the contact us at

Sephi Shapira, CEO of MassiveImpact

MAssive Impact

I find it hard to imagine that the new features recently unveiled by Apple are going to help them compete with Android. As of yet, Apple has not shown innovation for some time, which is clearly reflected by their stock valuation.

Apple needs to come out with larger screens, lower cost devices and some true innovation, as is often presented in the Samsung Galaxy devices. One important thing to point out is Apple’s distribution, which is still limited to a fraction of the global operators compared to Android. It is time for Apple to start pushing for creativity on all fronts: innovation, distribution and pricing.

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Shrikant Latkar, Global VP of Marketing at InMobi


It is going to be a big deal for the industry with all the additional bells and whistles that Apple is adding to the OS. From a consumer perspective, it will definitely improve the user experience as consumers can control a lot more functions (through the Control Centre) without having to unlock the device. Consumers will love the automatic App Updates. Automatic App Updates also mean that game developers and publishers can push new content/features without requiring the user to take any action. This will drive monetization significantly.

Its definitely a good move for Apple and very timely considering that Samsung and Android raised the bar significantly over the last couple of quarters.  Its also a huge opportunity for devel0pers to try out multiple monetization and engagement models – as now apps get updated automatically without requiring user intervention.

However, in built apps like flashlight, discovery and sharing with Airdrop will definitely hurt some of the game developers who have made money through these apps. Also – a vastly improved User Experience might deter users from using other apps like Mailbox and Sunrise that have become a must have app for power users.

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Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid, director at Woovio

The new clean, crisp interface in iOS 7 will present a confident professional image to colleagues and customers. Many corporate environments are making use of the iPad and iPhone, and I think iOS 7 will be a great addition to Apple’s enterprise arsenal as they continue to build their presence in organisations large and small. For developers like me, new additions like Airdrop will allow our apps to be better connected and more collaborative.


Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder of mobile design companyDexplora


It’s about time that Apple refreshed its user interface and added gestures to the interaction as well as getting rid of the skeuomorphism in the graphic design.  The simplicity of iOS7 is well-balanced with elements of playfulness, evidenced by the live clock, weather and accelerometer play, so should be intuitive and well received by consumers. However, there is a danger that the new design is maybe a bit too delicate and therefore more difficult to read. The thin lines of its Helvetica Neue Light typeface, coupled with smooth half-transparent backgrounds will probably require a better screen for optimal viewing, which is a hardware update Apple will likely look at this autumn.

Rafael Magdalena

Rafa Magdalena, Mobile Business Director at F.Biz

Android users don’t get the same consistent user experience because every handset vendor and mobile carriers can change the OS layout/icons.  The simplicity in the new OS from Apple is mainly for Apple products and the OS itself.  I don´t see any big change to developers, besides AirDrop that maybe can generate some nice new apps/solutions.The new iOS 7 from Apple gives users some features others OS users are already used to (Control Centre, Notification – from lock screen, multi task view and others) but with Apple “style”.

The good thing is that we are seeing Apple doing benchmark. The bad is that everybody expects Apple be the benchmark.


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