Global News Stories – Week May 27th

Global_News_MEFEach week the MEF Global team gathers a selection of mobile stories from around the world. Essential news or interesting nuggets, the Global News Round-up is an instant mobile content & commerce snapshot so you always have the latest insight, news and trends to hand.

 Global News Stories

Chart of the Week: How 0.0077% of players generate 33% of F2P game revenue

28 May 2013 –

Playnomics is one of those companies that’s tricky to pin down. Of course, it crunches big data, and it throws out actionable data that helps player acquisition, segmentation, retention, and ultimately life time value.

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Square-like mobile payments company Clip to invade Mexico

Square-like mobile payments company Clip to invade Mexico

28 May 2013 – Mobile Entertainment

Square is undoubtedly paving the way for mobile card payments, with its dongle-based reader being replicated by a string of firms since launch. There’s now another new kid on the block, which comes in the form of Clip, a Square-esque startup that wants to provide mobile payments power to Mexico and other Hispanic regions…

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TIM starts testing debit card via NFC

28 May 2013 – Mobile Time

TIM began new test pilot with NFC (Near Field Communications) mobile payments, this time using debit cards with the Visa Bradesco’s network Cielo and smartphones from Motorola (Razr and Razr HD I) and LG (Optimus G). The test is being done with 40 employees of the operator and the bank in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which received the phones and simcards with the data recorded their debit cards.

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Lemon ExpensesLemon’s Mobile Wallet Gets More Useful With New Expense Reporting Service; Support For Transactions Is Next

29 May 2013 – Techcrunch

Although you can’t ditch your leather-bound billfold yet, a startup called Lemon has been slowly building up a mobile wallet platform that’s encroaching on the traditional wallet’s territory, and even making it better in some cases…

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Telcos get many things right on innovation

29 May 2013 –


Contrary to popular opinion, most telcos are innovative when it comes to their businesses. While their core products of voice and data have not changed much over the past 30 years, telcos have innovated in their network infrastructure, business models, tariff strategies, and approach to marketing.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Inside The Mobile Real-Time Bidding Ad Ecosystem


29 May 2013 – Business Insider

Real-time bidding, or RTB, is a style of programmatic buying in which digital advertising opportunities are auctioned off in real-time. The auctions take place in milliseconds as advertisers bid on the right to show you an ad immediately after you open an app or click to a new web page.

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Supercell catches Playfish co-founder Kristian Segerstrale as new board member

Supercell logo

30 May 2013 – Inside Mobile Apps

Supercell, the startup darling of the mobile gaming industry, today announced the addition of Kristian Segerstrale to its board of directors. Segrestrale is known for co-founding Playfish and Macrospace (which changed to Glu Mobile after merging with Sorrent).

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