Global News Round-up – Week May 20

Each week the MEF Global team gathers mobile stories from around the world. Essential news or interesting nuggets, the Global News Round-up is an instant mobile content & commerce snapshot so you always have the latest insight, news and trends to hand.

 Global News Stories

Mobiles Offer Financial Lifeline to Asian Migrants: Study

20 May 2013 – Jakarta Globe

Bangkok: Asia’s mobile revolution is set to transform the region’s financial services industry, offering a cheap way for millions of migrant workers to send money home to their families, a report said on Monday.

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Google takes lessons from PayPal, Apple’s Passbook to drive mobile wallet adoption

20 May 2013 – Mobile Commerce Daily

Google is digging for mobile gold with a series of enhancements for Google Wallet that put the mobile payments solution into more direct competition with PayPal and Apple, but do not address its limited availability.

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Nigerians Still Prefer Mobile To SMS For Online Shopping

20 May 2013 – Ventures Africa

Nigeria’s online megastore has revealed more Nigerians use its mobile platform for e-commerce than its recently launched SMS platform, saying users were still getting used to the idea of an SMS platform.

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Is Lagos Home to an African Tech Movement? – Monty Munford

20 May 2013 – Mashable

The Lagos taxi driver roars across the biggest bridge in Africa at 110 mph. Buffeted by the night wind, it feels as if we’re riding a motorbike.

I am with two South Africans and a guy from Silicon Valley. We’re all swilling from a bottle of so-called whisky, including the man behind the wheel. (When your taxi driver says his name is “Success,” things can’t possibly go wrong.)

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Mobile Commerce Worth $4.29 Billion in Q1 in China, But One Company Dominates

21 May 2013 – Tech in Asia

Mobile commerce in China, Q1 2013 stats

We know that mobile commerce in China was worth $7.8 billion in 2012 – and is expected to rise to $41.4 billion in 2015 – but who are the biggest e-commerce brands among the nation’s mobile shoppers? New statistics from iResearch give us that answer and show that one company seriously dominates.

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Global News Round-up – These articles are not written by MEF and do not represent any views of individuals, members or the organisation.

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