Register Now for the MEF North America Webinar – Patent Wars

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012
1-2pm ET / 10-11am PT / 6-7 pm GMT

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Many companies in North America and beyond are facing assertions by patent trolls making claims on their technology. The mobile industry is a clear target for extracting licensing fees. Increased media surrounding the value and use of patents as well as focus on high stake lawsuits and patent abuses means your business needs to ask whether patent protection is required.

The issue is affecting the mobile content and commerce industry today. MEF North America asks, how should businesses respond to threats by so-called patent trolls? What considerations should be made when attempting to obtain patent protection for new ideas? And what impact are the smartphone wars having on the wider mobile ecosystem?

In this webinar, leading patent experts will explore these issues discussing:

  • Considerations for obtaining patent protection
  • High stakes lawsuits and their impact on the industry
  • How to respond to threats by patent trolls
  • The Helferich Patent – what could it mean for your business?

Don’t miss out! Head over to the MEF website for more info, or sign up now.

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