Who is Paddy Cullivan?!

MEF continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and start-up talent by getting a completely unknown Irish Musical Comedian to host this year’s Meffys awards.

Though relatively popular in his home country, Paddy Cullivan was spotted by the Meffys talent scouts at the London Web Summit and they hired him on the spot to present the 9th Annual Meffys awards, along with his own start-up business, the Camembert Quartet.

Paddy assures us he is very committed to the Mobile phone industry, citing the loss of at least four phones a year in nightclubs since the smartphone was invented. He has extensively tested many types of alcoholic beverage on the phone, and finds that white wine is the most effective for rendering it completely useless.

Further asserting his mobile credentials, he tells us he has one crack on his iPhone screen, tweets and shazam’s constantly, loves being able to tune his guitar using an app, and becomes agitated when away from his phone for more than twenty minutes. He is extremely excited to be hosting the Meffy’s and is composing an opening number that will “put Billy Crystal to shame”. The band are even rumoured to be rehearsing ringtones – so expect a wild night of satirical, musical fun.

Don’t miss out on what promises to be an unforgettable evening – To get your tickets for the 9th Annual Meffys, head over to the website now!

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