MEF TV: Marco Argenti, Nokia at MEF Americas 2011

More fascinating insights from MEF Americas and MEF TV; in this video Marco Argenti, SVP of Developer and Marketplace for Nokia speaks to Rob Woodbridge of In it he expands on the topic of his keynote speech from MEF Americas 2011 “Creating Hyper Local App Economies” and discusses the opportunities for monetizing apps presented by leveraging the nuances of highly localised content.

Hit the jump for more from Marco and MEF TV at  MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content and Commerce.

Here Marco speaks to Ben Smith from Tribal Labs in more detail on how the Nokia Store supports local developers in monetizing their apps.

Here the topic of discussion is Nokia’s devices and how they enables developers to address a wider market, while touching on how they can benefit from ecosystems that span mass-market scales to premium high-end devices.

Finally, Marco speaks about the design of the Windows Phone Metro UI itself, and the advantages it presents to developers though the use of “live tiles”, which convey dynamic information from the app directly to the home screen before the user even opens it.

You can see even more fantastic interviews from MEF Americas 2011 on the MEF TV Youtube channel.

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