Join the MEF AGMs and Board Elections for the Americas in Miami

MEF Americas 2011: Mobile Content & Commerce, to be held in Miami at the end of the month isn’t all about exciting keynotes and fantastic speakers. It’s also not just about relaxing in the splendour of the luxurious Fontainebleu resort while waiting for the next fantastic keynote to begin. No before all that, before the essential gathering has even kicked off properly, another event of huge importance occurs, the MEF LatAm AGM & Elections. The North America AGM & Elections are held the following evening, both represent a significant opportunity for MEF members.

As you will know, MEF plays an essential leadership role in creating a sustainable environment for, and accelerating the uptake of mobile content & commerce. Today, with the rapidly changing landscape and scope of the mobile environment, there has never been a better time to add your voice to the shaping of the industry by standing for a position on one of these prestigious boards. This year there are 12 open seats on the MEF LatAm board, and 5 open seats on the North American Board.

All MEF members are welcome to attend both AGMs. Full MEF members may vote and stand as a candidate for these prestigious boards and create thought leadership, share knowledge and address the critical issues facing the mobile commerce and content industry.

About MEF LatAm

In the two years since its launch, MEF’s LatAm chapter has become a leading voice for the mobile content and commerce industry in the region. In 2010, a MEF initiative led to the creation of a Unified Code of Conduct for mobile content subscription services and advertising in Brazil which has been endorsed by all four of the major network carriers and the regulator Anatel. In 2011, MEF is again taking the lead in producing a set of guidelines to define the standards for consistent application of the Code and its sanctions. MEF LatAm is also promoting the M-Commerce market in the region with the recent launch our M-Commerce Initiative. With a focus on micro-payments and the virtual goods market, MEF LatAm is at the forefront of educating network carriers, games publishers and social networks on the potential of mobile payments.

The MEF LatAm AGM & Elections take place Monday, November 28th at 5pm at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Please contact Priscila Grison for more information on how run for the board. To register your attendance, please click HERE.

About MEF North America

MEF North America has been at the forefront of the mobile entertainment market since its launch in 2002, with strong ties to its members across the region and an established track record of shaping the industry with groundbreaking initiatives. With MEF’s expanded mission to represent the global community for mobile commerce this trend is set to continue in 2012 and beyond with our M-Commerce Initiative, working with ASC X9 to define industry standards for the privacy and security of mobile transactions, recently highlighted in our Global Consumer Survey as the greatest barrier to more widespread adoption of m-commerce. MEF North America is firmly in the driving seat in establishing the consumer and merchant confidence necessary for the mobile platform to become the premier device to enable commerce across North America and Canada.

The MEF North Americas AGM & Elections take place Tuesday, November 29th at 5pm at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Please contact Georgia Aarons for further information on how to run for the board. To register your attendance, please click HERE.

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