MEF and The Qtel Group to Establish Mobile Media Innovation Hub for the MENA Region

The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and The Qtel Group have announced plans to co-found and establish a local MEF office in Doha sponsored by The Qtel Group. With its 2020 Vision to be among the world’s top 20 telecommunications companies, The Qtel Group aims to work closely with MEF in this joint project to build a sustainable ecosystem and accelerate growth of the mobile media industry in the (MENA) region via dedicated local MEF Connects events and knowledge exchange.

The Qatar MEF office will be responsible for facilitating regional membership, organising local events and supporting knowledge transfer via MEF initiatives. Its intent is to help create a self-sustainable hub for the growing MENA mobile media industry.

MEF has a global membership as well as a proven track record of providing competitive advantage to members; creating business development opportunities; and facilitating knowledge exchange via its events and industry-shaping initiatives. The Qtel Group is recognised as an innovation-led company and joined MEF in February 2009 with the express purpose of driving mobile media innovation in the MENA region. The project will leverage both parties’ strengths and promote co-operation across the mobile media value chain.

Dr. Nasser Marafih, Chief Executive Officer of The Qtel Group, commented: “We are committed to take leadership positions and we want to leverage MEF’s strong network and fuel our drive for innovation to create real momentum in the region. By tapping into the expertise of MEF’s international membership and through regular local networking activities, our aim is to accelerate innovation and grow the local mobile entertainment industry in general.”

Andrew Bud, MEF Chairman, stated: “The Middle East is one of the most exciting markets for the growth of the mobile media industry. We’re very impressed that The Qtel Group has chosen to support innovation in the region by co-founding and sponsoring the new MEF regional office whilst respecting the independence and clear governance for which MEF is known in the industry. The new MEF office sponsored by The Qtel Group will be a tremendous resource for all our members, both local and worldwide, and this new hub for mobile media innovation will accelerate growth and help new ideas flourish in the region.”

Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, MEF EMEA Chairman, said: “I’d like to thank The Qtel Group for their vision and hard work, without which this project would not have been possible. Through building a local presence, MEF will be able to respond to local needs, create more business development opportunities and stimulate the development of one of the world’s leading mobile media markets.”

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